During the conceptual design phase main surfaces are created of the the hull and deck. This data is either defined by the design department or by a naval architect firm using naval and/or generic CAD packages. These surface models form the base for the styling process, where the final style of the yacht is defined by finetuning main surfaces and adding needed details.

Unfortunately it is very common that the quality of the 3D-models is poor and unsuitable for quality milling. This is due to lack of good enough software tools in use and lack of skill and experience.

Nautiform Studio can help in many ways to eliminate the risk that poor surfaces can cause.
We can supply:
- Reports of surface quality to be used for milling to avoid costly mistakes downstream.
- High quality surface/solid models for milling, as complete modeling projects based on customers sketches or conceptual models.
- High quality surface/solid models for milling rebuilding and remodeling existing poor quality models.

By using the same software tools that are used in the very demanding automotive industry, we are able to define perfect surfaces for production.
We are using Autodesk AutoStudio, Autodesk Alias Surface, Autodesk Alias Design and Siemens NX-, Solid Edge- and Solidworks CAD-systems to the benefit of our customer.

Final models can easily be read into leading 3D CAD/CAM and NC-systems by using industry standard data translation formats.

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