3D based detailed design work in the yacht and boat industry is centered around the master model of the hull and deck. Based on the master model a complete intelligent assembly of the boat can be defined by using our modern solid modeling based CAD systems.

Engineering's detailed design work is broad in scope, and often involves many people working concurrently on the same project. Concurrent working is something that is very hard to achieve without good 3D-CAD tools.

By using excellent CAD tools, Nautiform Studio can offers productive detailed design work ranging from bigger projects down to the design of details. Design work often includes mass- and area calculations for the center of gravity calculations of the boat.

Our design processes are finetuned for the boatindustry, meaning that it is easy to modify different aspects of the design and thereby automatically update related design areas.

Precise production drawings can easily be created from the design work.

Customers who do not have own 3D-CAD systems can view, meassure and print assemblies, drawings by using a free viewer or low-cost viewing tools.

For our detailed design work we are using our high-end NX CAD system together with Autodesk Alias productfamily, Solid Edge and Solidworks CAD-systems.

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