Consumers today are expecting functional products with distinctive styling and fresh looks. Yachts and boats are no exception to this trend.

By using integrated 2D/3D software tools, Nautiform Studio can very quickly create idea sketches and 3D conceptual models. Preliminary weight-, hydrostatic- and power predictions are performed to form a realistic base for the projects. These are used very actively in the project teams. Communication is effective and realistic early in the projects which leads to effective decisionmaking and involvement. The selected concepts will then be finetuned into the final concept.

The material created at the conceptual phase makes it possible for our customers to evaluate, in a short timeframe, different concepts and to get feed back from marketing, production, sales and even from selected consumers. This is extremely valuable and minimizes unnessary mistakes in many areas.

Good conceptual design is essential for good products, as it forms the base for all downstream styling and engineering's detailed design work.

For conceptual yacht & boat design work, we are using Maxsurf, Autodesk AutoStudio, Autodesk Alias Surface, Autodesk Alias Design, Autodesk Showcase , Autodesk V-RED, Autodesk Maya as core applications together with our CAD systems.

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