Hydrostatic and stability calculation is the base for all yacht- and boat design.

This area has become much more complex in the recent years with lots of complex criteria calculations and damage stability calculations required by authorities.

It has simple become impossible to do the required calculation by hand effectively.

Nautiform Studio is using leading edge 3D naval CAD software to define hulls of yachts and boats. Integrated hydrostatic and stability modules are used to perform analysis as part of the design processes or as stand alone consultancy projects. Hydrostatic and stability calculation is done starting from the conceptual design phase down to final product definition phase.

Different loading cases based on detailed weight calculation including tanks and departments are used in selected analysis in a short time frames.

Nautiform Studio can supply comprehensive analysis reports in digital format including graphs and tabular data. These report can easily be read into other program for further editing.

We are using the excellent Maxsurf environment as our naval 3D design tool together with our other CAD programs and office tools.

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