In modern yacht- and boat design more and more care has to be put into the style and form definition phases. Industrial designers have brought styling elements into the equation thinking of the boat as a 3D form instead of the old way of thinking of the boat through 2D sectionings. Around the classic boat design spiral we now also have style, form, function and communication.

It has become common that 5-axis NC-milling machines are used to mill the production tools for producing boats. Only surfaces of highest quality can be accepted as input to this process, as precision is ruined if manual intervetions is allowed.

As product cycles have become shorter, much more pressure is put on the shortening of the "Design to Production" process.

Usage of 3D design tools and redefining the product development processes is the solution to above mentioned new challenges. Only this way can designwork be done concurrently, with higher pression, saving time and money.

We offer design services using state of the art 3D software tools and processes for the benefit of our customers.

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