Consumers are today expecting functional products with distinctive styling and fresh looks. You need to have what it takes to compete with an effective product development process from idea to production.

During the "naval" design phase main surfaces are created of the the hull. This data is defined by the design department or a naval architect firm using B-Spline & NURBS based naval CAD packages. It is quite common that the designers do not have the tools and skill to do the 3D-styling work needed in today's processes.

Nautiform Studio can help to bring your projects up to the leading edge.
We believe in team work in projects and we know both Industrial Design and Naval design well.

At Nautiform Studio the design work is very model centric. We can early on in the projects communicate form, function and style and thereby get people involved and committed.

Eliminating prototypes is possible by using interactive real time design review meetings utilising digital presentation methods. People from management, sales, production and even customers can easily attend these meetings when needed. Our design processes make it possible to discuss form and style from the conceptual phase down to production.

We are using leading edge styling software to create hot products. Nautiform Studio is using Autodesk AutoStudio, Autodesk Alias Surface, Autodesk Alias Design, Autodesk Showcase and V-RED, Autodesk Maya, Maxsurf and high-end CAD-systems to create and communicate new products for the yacht and motorboat industry.

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